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i used a computer to make this.  shitty art made easier # 1

Hcore prints now available at Show the world you love punk symbols, me and hand-dyed, boutique, screen printing shops

Von Zos announces a new art multiple by Matthew Jamison Nelson Love
Part homage, part wry commentary, Hardcore Falso is a multi-dimensional edition from Matthew Jameson Nelson Love.
In assembling this work, Love has created the evidence of a band’s existence, in what Hegel called ‘’the non-being of its other’’, ‘’a unity existing on its own and it excludes the other from itself.’’
This is evidence of a band that lacks the chief requisites for being a band – a) existing and b) making music.
The work questions how much of a band’s identity consists of the music and how much consists of commoditized forces – designers and artists and merchandise sales.
The first part of Hardcore Falso is a 7” single sleeve with original art on both sides, constructed to exactly mirror a real 7” sleeve in every aspect. The second part is an actual 7” vinyl single, rendered inoperable by the artist through the application of paint and scratches. The third part is a patch featuring the artwork for Flag Number 1, the first in a separate, but related, series of works by the artist and the last piece is a button displaying the artists own logo.
Taken together, the four separate elements evoke an old-school hardcore aesthetic and approach to art and culture. Individually, the four pieces stand in their own right as incendiary objets d’art, each with their own divinable commentary on the music culture that surrounds us.
Hardcore Falso is available from on Friday, March 8th at 12 noon EST.
First step towards ENTARTETE merch

Flashback to the SS11 presentation invite drawn by (my husband) Matthew Jamison Nelson Love


Flashback to the SS11 presentation invite drawn by (my husband) Matthew Jamison Nelson Love

shirt i did for new CLT band “center of the sun”
these guys are into cats and vintage sunn gear.  no real mystery how we arrived at this.
supposed to be a shitty/sketchy 90’s joe baiza vibe, confident i executed on the shitty part of all that…
who’s got two thumbs and needs to cough up the money and actually buy a scanner so he can stop dealing with bullshit at kinkos?

…….this asshole, right here
true-to-form my best buds over at kinkos cut off the border when they scanned this in.  no huge tragedy, just time i’ll never get back.

that aside… ENARTETE’s first flyer
little piece (that ultimately ended up on my arm) inspired by the crass doodles of my homophobic/hilarious ex-coworker Javier.
that dude can do a backflip on a bike, bonkers shit
old kinnikinnik flyer i just found in my piles